5 Best Cheap Running Shoes: High-Quality Yet Affordable Options for Every Runner

Cheap Running’ Shoes

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When it comes to running, the gear list may be shorter and more budget-friendly compared to other sports, but running shoes can still hit your wallet hard, especially if you’re looking for racing-specific ones. Luckily, there are many quality running shoes available for around $100 or less, similar to casual sneakers.

An affordable pair of running shoes doesn’t mean compromising on performance for budget-conscious runners. Most major running shoe brands offer reasonably priced options that still deliver top-tier performance, and we’ve rounded up some of the best ones for you.

Top Picks: Running Shoes Under $100

When we mention “cheap” running shoes, we’re not referring to knock-offs or poorly designed options. Each shoe in this guide is from a reputable brand, and many have undergone our rigorous testing process with great results.

While you may not get the absolute best of everything for $100 or less, these shoes still offer solid performance. They may not have the premium cushioning foams, ultralight uppers, or cutting-edge support technology of top-tier running shoes, but running technology has advanced significantly in recent years. As a result, some budget-friendly options now outperform many shoes from previous decades.


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