Jordan Why Not .6 Review: Unveiling Jordan’s Latest Offering

Jordan Why Not

The Jordan Why Not .6 builds upon the strengths of its predecessor while addressing any previous issues. We found that this shoe is perfect for players who are constantly on the move, grabbing rebounds, and even throwing down dunks. It delivers solid performance, especially on indoor courts.


Jordan Why Not .6 Review

Jordan Why Not .6 Review
9 10 0 1
Total Score

The Good Way

  • Impressive bite on indoor courts
  • Dependable overall containment
  • Secure ankle lockdown
  • Abrasion-resistant upper
  • Quality construction
  • Excellent shock absorption in the heel
  • A lot of forefoot propulsion
  • Can accommodate wide feet
  • Supports fast movements

The Bad Way

  • A proper break-in is necessary
  • Not to be used outdoors
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