Nike G.T. Jump 2: Unveiling the Review


As its name suggests, the Nike G.T. Jump 2 is truly a shoe designed to meet the demands of every jump. Its midsole delivers the energy needed for takeoffs and cushions landings effectively. We’re confident that this shoe will delight players who rely on jumping for blocks, dunks, and jump shots.

Nike G.T. Jump 2 Review

Nike G.T. Jump 2 Review
9 10 0 1
Total Score

The Good Way

  • Powerful energy returns
  • Excellent impact protection
  • Dependable grip on court surfaces
  • Amazing all-around comfort
  • Fairly breathable upper
  • Lots of support and stability
  • Fits to a T
  • Light for its structure
  • Aesthetically pleasing

The Bad Way

  • Almost zero court feel
  • Needs to be properly broken in
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