Skechers Arch Fit 2.0 Review: A Closer Look

Skechers Arch Fit 2.0

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If you’ve got flat feet or overpronation and are on the hunt for a daily shoe with top-notch support and stability, we highly recommend the Skechers Arch Fit 2.0 over many others out there. Priced below $100, it’s a great value for all-day support. While it may not have the longevity of pricier options, your feet, legs, and even lower back will appreciate the comfort in the meantime.

Who should buy:

Similar to its predecessor, the Skechers Arch Fit 2.0 shines as a supremely supportive and comfortable walking shoe. It’s an excellent choice for individuals with flat feet, overpronation, and other foot conditions that demand podiatrist-approved footwear.

Who should NOT buy:

Considering its somewhat warm upper, we suggest it’s best suited for temperatures ranging from 50°F (10°C) to 70°F (20°C). If you’re seeking better breathability for summertime, we recommend checking out the Skechers Max Cushioning Arch Fit.

Additionally, if you’re concerned about wear resistance, you might find more peace of mind with the Skechers Max Cushioning Arch Fit or consider investing in a pricier option like the Hoka Transport.

Skechers Arch Fit 2.0 Review

Skechers Arch Fit 2.0 Review
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The Bad Way

  • Breathability is very poor, leading to potential discomfort in warmer weather
  • Lacks durability, which may result in shorter lifespan compared to other options